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Laminate Sewing Tips


Sewing with Laminates


lamanite apparelSewing with Laminates can be easy following a few simple tips:


  • When your laminate arrives, remove it from the package and unfold it to stretch out the creases. Usually a warm room will be enough to remove them after a few days, but if not, try a dry iron and a damped pressing cloth to the back of your laminate.
  • Clean with a soft cloth and water. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. If you put it in the dryer, you will get creases.
  • Do not store your project folded.


  • Laminates can stick to the foot or the base of the machine while sewing. If you are sewing with right sides together, sew normally.
  • If your laminate faces the foot, try a walking foot or a teflon foot. Or, tape some blue painter's tape to the bottom of your foot to make it slide.
  • If your laminate sticks to the base of your machines, we heard that using a drop of sewing machine oil on your machine base works well, since you can just wipe the laminate clean when finished. We have not personallty tried this one yet.
  • Finger press when you can.
  • Use a size 12 or 14 sharp needle in your machine. Test sew with the small size first.
  • Don't use pins in your pattern pieces. Use weights to hold them down when cutting them out.
  • Use soft grip binder clips or tape to hold pattern pieces together.
  • Edges will not fray so you don't have to finish them but various edge techniques work great (pinking, binding, serging).
  • Top stitching will hold down seams creating a nicer end project.
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